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Sixth Form



Geography is one of the most relevant subjects to help us understand the world today. Covering a range of topical and contemporary issues, students are given the opportunity to critically engage with real world issues and places, using knowledge, understanding and skills to make sense of the world around them. Geography requires problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking and communication. You will develop cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical skills. It is one of the eight facilitating subjects preferred by universities and it will help to keep your options open due to the key transferable skills you will learn.

Exam Board:

Edexcel (9GE0)


Year 1:

Coursework: Independent Investigation (9GE0/04)

Year 2:

  • Paper 1: Dynamic Landscapes and Physical Systems and Sustainability(9GE0/01)
  • Paper 2: Dynamic Places and Human Systems and Geopolitics (9GE0/02)
  • Paper 3: Synoptic Investigation (9GE0/03)

Course Details spread over the 2 years:

A Level Compulsory topics

Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards
Topic 3: Globalisation
Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security
Topic 7 Superpowers

A Level Option topics

Topic 2B Coastal landscapes and Change
Topic 4A: Regenerating Places
Topic 8B: Migration, Identity and Sovereignty

Other Learning Opportunities:

At least 4 days of fieldwork (both physical and human geography) are a requirement of the course.

Where next with this course?

A Level geography is one of the preferred subjects by the top universities for a wide range of degrees. It is essential for further study of the subject, and with increasing pressures being placed upon the world many careers require a sound geographical understanding. Some of the more obvious careers include sustainability and green issues, urban regeneration, energy supply, retail location, managing the effects of hazards and climate change. Geography is also a good basis for careers such as law, human rights, business and economics.


Click on the link below for a copy of the course details.