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Higham Lane
Sixth Form

Higham Lane Sixth Form annual skydive

This was the third year doing this event and...

At the end of this academic year (2017/2018) Young People First have raised over £18600! 

This was the third year doing this event and each time more students have taken part, more schools have gotten involved and more money has been raised.

The Schools total is as follows

Myton School raised                         £3536.07

Ash Green School raised                   £2126.25

Stratford Girls Grammar raised         £1850.50

Rugby High School raised                 £3277.50

Higham Lane School raised            £5821.00

Warwickshire College raised             £1993.75

This money has been distributed between our three projects which includes work supporting young people with mental health problems, young people who are living in care and young people living in the deprived ward of Brunswick where the YPF office is based.