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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School



Higham Lane School has a number of facilities for clubs and individuals to hire. Facilities are available for hire throughout term time (except for Bank Holidays and Christmas) from 5pm till 9.30pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays 9am till 12pm.

Individual bookings for a one-off event, or block bookings are available and will be confirmed and accepted on receipt of a completed booking pack. Payment for hire is made in advance unless credit terms have been agreed and will be requested by invoice.

NB: School events will take priority over external bookings. However, where a booking coincides with school events, clubs/individuals will be given as much notice as possible, and we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements to minimise any inconvenience.



The Sports Hall is available to book by the hour for the whole hall or just half of the space. There are male and female changing room with showers and toilets. Disabled toilet also available. Sporting equipment available - goal posts for 5 or 7 a side football, basketball hoops, cricket mats and wickets and badminton/volleyball nets. Parking available.


The Gym is available to book by the hour. There are male and female changing room with showers and toilets.  Sporting equipment available - markings for 5 or 7 a side football and basketball hoops. Parking available


Large playing field with markings for football and cricket. Parking available.



Prices correct as of September 2023

Sports Hall

Weekdays Weekends
Full Hall - 1st Hour



Full Hall - per hour thereafter



Full Hall - extra 30mins



Half of the Hall - 1st Hour



Half of the Hall - per hour thereafter



Half of the Hall - extra 30mins



Insurance if required is an additional 10%


Weekdays Weekends
Gym - 1st Hour



Gym - per hour thereafter



Gym - extra 30mins



Insurance if required is an additional 10%

Coombe or Chine Halls

Weekdays Weekends
Halls – per 2 hour hire



Insurance if required is an additional 10%


Sixth Form



School Fields Weekdays Weekends
Field (on School site) per hour



Football Pitch per season matche



Training per team (1 June-31 August)



Training per team (1 September – 31 May)



Training per month




School Playground Weekdays Weekends




Additional booking information Weekdays Weekends
Chairs – first 50 chairs are free.



Additional Chairs per 50 (after first 50)





Weekend bookings – Please note that bookings can only be made Saturdays between 9am till 12pm for following facilities: Front field, Playground, Sports Hall & Gym.

DISCOUNT – 20% given for a group of 30 children (aged 16 and under), if using the Sports Hall or Gym but not for fields.

All these prices have been increased by 5% on last year’s prices to keep in line with current inflation.