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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Concerns and Complaints

We try to resolve concerns or complaints by informal means wherever possible and we often find that we are able to do this with the agreement of all parties.

Where this is not possible, formal procedures are followed.

Our school aims to meet its statutory obligations when responding to complaints from parents of pupils at the school, and others.

When responding to complaints, we aim to:

  • Be impartial and non-adversarial
  • Address all the points at issue and provide an effective and prompt response
  • Respect complainants’ desire for confidentiality
  • Treat complainants with respect and courtesy
  • Keep complainants informed of the progress of the complaints process
  • Ensure that any decisions we make are lawful, rational, reasonable, fair and proportionate, in line with the principles of administrative law
  • Facilitate a full and fair investigation by an independent person or panel, where necessary
  • Consider how the complaint can feed into school improvement evaluation processes

The school will aim to give the complainant the opportunity to complete the complaints procedure in full where this is requested. To support this, we will ensure we publicise the existence of this policy and make it available on the school website.

Throughout the process, we will be sensitive to the needs of all parties.


Our Complaints Policy (Policy 27) can be found here: