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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Modern Ethics

At Key Stage 3, students receive one lesson of RE each week. During Year 7 they have the opportunity to study units of work such as The Life of Jesus, Festivals of Light, Founders of Faith, and Religion and Art. In Year 8, students follow units of work on Sikhism, Justice, Buddhism and Ultimate Questions.

During Year 9 students start their GCSE course in Religious Studies which will result in a full course GCSE award at the end of Year 11. In Year 9, students study two modules from this course; `Christianity, Beliefs Teachings & Practices' and `Religion, Crime & Punishment'. This year gives students a foundation to key religious beliefs that they then apply to issues such as capital punishment, corporal punishment and the use of prison as a deterrent.

In Year 10, students study the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Muslim faith as well as looking at issues relating to relationships and families such as attitudes to sex, marriage in divorce. In Year 11, students complete their thematic studies by looking at the ethical issues surrounding war, peace and conflict and matters of life including abortion, euthanasia and animal rights.

Throughout the course students explore moral dilemmas from the perspective of religious and non-religious believers. Students are encouraged to discuss their own beliefs and debate is carried out in a respectful and tolerant nature. 

MISS R CHARLES, Subject Leader for Modern Ethics